Authentic Guidance on Engineering & Medical Entrance Exam Preparation

Date: Sunday 14th May 2017

Venue: Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune, Near RTO, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005.

Introduction line of the seminar?

To provide authentic information about the revolutionary change in admission rules for Engineering, Pure Sciences & Medicine courses from 2018 onwards and provide guidance to prepare for JEE and NEET exams

Who should attend the seminar?

Students who are currently studying in Std. 8,9,10 and are planning to pursue Engineering, Pure Sciences or Medicine courses after Std.12 along with their parents.

Salient points of seminar?

  • To provide authentic information about latest rules of Engineering, Pure Sciences & Medical admissions
  • Highlighting the importance of JEE studies for an Engineering aspirant.
  • Guidance on how to study for JEE exam from Std.8,9,10 or 11
  • Guidance on how to study for NEET exam from Std. 11 onwards


About IITP

IIT-P is a premier Pune-based educational academy for Engineering, Pure Sciences and Medical Entrance exams and has coached over 5000 students through long-term classroom programs in the past 15 years and has produced best overall Pune results in all Engineering and Medical Entrance exams for 15 consecutive years ! IIT-P has a team of 45 faculty members and offers coaching in 10 classroom centers spread across Pune. Kindly visit for more details.



Director & Academic Head of IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. (IIT-P)

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